Enrollment Instructions

Step 1: Complete a badge information form to notify the Office for Workforce, Professional & Community Education of your interest in badges.

Step 2: Review the specific information for your badge. Be sure and note whether the badge is offered for undergraduate or graduate credit. Please note that badges are only offered for either undergraduate or graduate credit. They are not offered for both.

Step 3: Determine which of the following categories you fall into

  • Category A: I have never taken classes at Wichita State and am taking the badge for undergraduate credit.
  • Category B: I am a former student at Wichita State but have not been enrolled in the past two years.
  • Category C: I am already admitted and eligible to enroll in classes.

Step 4:

  • If you are in Category A., "I have never taken classes at WSU and am taking the badge for undergraduate credit,”
    • Your next step will be to click the following link, Apply for Non-Degree Admissions,” and complete the Non-Degree application*. For Application Type, you will select “Workforce and Professional Development. Make sure to pay your $40 application fee
      • *Test scores and transcripts are not required for badges.
    • Once you have been admitted please proceed to step 5.

  • If you are in Category B, “I am a former student at Wichita State but have not been enrolled within the past two years,”
    • Your next step will be visit the Reactivation webpage. This page will go over the online reactivation process. You will either use your myWSU ID and password to reactivate your account or you will complete the WSU security access process.
    • Once you have reactivated your account you will proceed to step 6.
  • If you are in Category C, “I am already admitted and eligible to enroll in classes,”
    • Your next step will be to either:
      • Find the email from admissions with your account information and proceed to Step 5, or
      • Proceed to step 6 if you already know your myWSU ID and password.

If you have not received an email within a few days of submitting your application or reactivation, check your spam/junk mail folders to make sure the email was not misdirected. Once you receive the email, you are ready to register.

Step 5: When you receive (or locate) your email from the admissions staff, it will include your myWSU ID number. Follow the instructions for how to access your myWSU account at

Step 6: Log into your myWSU account. Select the tab, “myClasses.” Locate the section, “Registration Tools” and select “Add or Drop Classes.” You will use CRN number located on the badge page to add the badge to your schedule.

Step 7: Within your myWSU account, you will also access Blackboard (for assignments) and set up your University-provided email account. This email address will be used to send all future
WSU correspondence, including information about classes, tuition and fees, etc. If you wish, you can set up your wichita.edu email account to automatically forward incoming emails to a different email account so you do not miss any important information.

Step 8: Once you are registered for a badge, go to the "myFinances" tab in your myWSU account. Select "Student Account Suite." Choose payment option and proceed with payment.

Helpful Phone Numbers

For questions about your myWSU ID and password, contact the Helpdesk at 316-978-4357.
For questions about this badge or other badge courses, contact the WSU Workforce, Professional & Community Education Office at 316-978-7579.
For questions about admissions, contact the Admissions Office at 316-978-3085.
For questions about reactivation, contact the Registrar’s Office at 316-978-3085