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Click Here if InterestedWichita State University’s badge program makes workforce training and continuing education accessible and affordable. Each badge is designed with the practicing professional in mind so coursework can be completed online and at your own pace.

A badge is worth 0.5 credit hours and equates to about 22.5 hours of combined online instruction and study time. This makes workloads more manageable for someone who is already busy with a full-time job and family!

Think you don’t need college credit? Once full-time employment is attained, most people don’t ever want to take another college course again! (Trust us. We understand.) However, the truth is, to remain a desirable candidate in these highly competitive markets, any professional who seeks growth must continue learning new skills and technologies just to keep up with the needs of employers. Earning college credit through the WSU Badge Program will not only assure employers you are receiving top-notch instruction from highly qualified instructors, it also guarantees that you will always have access to the proof that you completed this education – your transcripts.  Badges are for non-degree seeking students only.

When badge coursework is completed, it will actually appear on your WSU transcript.

Although traditional letter grades are not given for a badge, it will appear on a transcript either as a “BG” (for badge earned) or “NBG” (for no badge earned). Badges will not impact one’s GPA.

Check out our entire catalog of badges.