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What is a badge?

At Wichita State University, badges are credit courses that appear on a transcript indicating that academic work was successfully completed in a short course for less than a full credit hour.

How will I be awarded a badge?

Upon successful completion, badge credits will be awarded as “badged” or “BG” credit on a transcript. Plans are under way for the development of an electronic badge that you can link to your electronic resume or professional record on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These digital badges will indicate what the badge demonstrates, as well as where, when, and what you had to do to earn the badge.

Can I fail a badge course?

You can only earn a badge if you successfully complete all the coursework. If you do not complete all of the requirements for the badge, your transcript will indicate you did not complete it with the notation “no badge” or “NBG.” Whether you earn a badge or not, your GPA will not be affected. How many credit hours will I earn for a badge course? Badges will typically be awarded in 0.5 credit hours per badge. Check individual badge details to see how many credit hours a badge is worth.

Are badge courses offered online?

Badge courses may be offered in a traditional classroom setting or online. It depends on the course. Please contact the Office for Workforce, Professional & Community Education (WPCE) at 316-978-7579 for specific information.

Can badge credits be applied toward an undergraduate degree?

In some cases, some of the badge credits may be applied towards requirements for a degree. Contact the Office of WPCE at 316-978-7579 for more information.

Can I request a badge for a course I am already enrolled in?

Only courses specifically created as a badge course can award badge or “BG” credit on a transcript.

How much does a badge course cost?

Depending on the course, costs may vary. Please contact the Office of WPCE at 316-978-7579 for specific information.

Can I get a refund?

Please see the University’s Refund Policy for more information.

Will I need to purchase a textbook?

No. Badges are designed so that no textbook is needed.

How do I enroll in a badge course?

Visit the enrollment instruction page or contact the Office of WPCE for assistance. 

Can badge credits be applied to a graduate degree at Wichita State University?

After admission to a graduate program, it is possible that badge credit could count toward a graduate degree, if it is approved by both your advisor and the Graduate School as a part of your graduate degree Plan of Study.  All standard Graduate School degree completion requirements apply, including time limits.

How do I order a transcript?

Information on how to order your transcript.

I’ve lost or cannot remember my myWSU ID. What do I do?

You can come to campus and show your ID to someone in the Registrar’s Office in Jardine Hall to get your myWSU ID. If you are unable to come to campus, fill out this form that we will use to verify your identity. You will receive an email with your myWSU ID.

I am a degree-seeking student. Can I enroll in a badge?

A  limited selection of badges are available to degree bound students. Those badges include Creative Interventions badges, Global Business, Human Resource Management, Professional Writing and Care of Populations. 

How much does a badge cost for degree bound students?

The cost is a flat rate of just $100 per course.

Can I get financial aid to pay for a badge course?

Your financial aid can be used for the Creative Interventions, Global Business, Human Resource Management, Professional Writing and Care of Populations badges with the same limitations that apply to other elective course credits. This applies to degree bound students only. 

I successfully completed my badge. How do I claim it?

Once grades have been posted for the semester, you will be notified that Wichita State University has issued you a digital badge for successful completion of the badge course entitled: “Badge Title”.  Please note that this email will be sent to your WSU email address. We encourage you to accept your badge and share your accomplishments with your friends and colleagues on social media. You will be receiving an email from Wichita State University via Credly with instructions on accepting, managing and showcasing your badge. You will also have the option at that time to share the badge on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.