School Health: Health Disparities, Child Development, and Nutritional Needs of School-Aged Children

This badge explores how development and learning are impacted by nutrition and health disparities in the school-aged child. Attention will be on both the community within and outside the school.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the badge students will be able to:

  • Identify health disparities in the school community that impact school children.
  • Analyze availability of nutritious food sources for school community students.
  • Identify theories that apply to health promotion of the individual, family, and group.
  • Explore family theories that influence health beliefs and practices.
  • Formulate a plan to improve health literacy in the school community.

Credit Hours
Success in this 1.0 credit hour course is based on the expectation that students will spend, for each unit of credit, a minimum of 15 hours over the length of the course in direct instruction as provided by the instructor and an additional 30 hours outside of class reading, reflecting, and evaluating the topics for a total of 45 hours.

Grading Scale: Badge/No Badge

Evaluation: 100% completion of badge criteria


Debra Pile, DNP

Debra Pile

Debra (Debie) Pile is an Associate Professor with the School of Nursing at Wichita State University.  Prior to coming to Wichita State University Debie worked for Wesley Medical Center and Aurora Medical Center.  


CRN Course # Term
17119 HP 740 BA Fall 2019