Cost: $100

This badge will provide students with core knowledge about mentoring and its importance for both employees and the employing organization. Students will also learn about designing successful mentoring programs, contrasting formal and informal mentoring, and differentiating coaching from mentoring. Special attention will devoted to mentor/protégé relationships as well as use of technology in mentoring and mentoring at different career stages.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the badge students will be able to:

  • Define mentoring and its importance its importance for both employees and the employing organization.
  • Identify the characteristics of successful mentoring programs.
  • Recognize the role of mentor characteristics.
  • Compare and contrast formal and informal mentoring.
  • Define coaching. Differentiate coaching from mentoring.
  • Describe the use of technology in employee mentoring.
  • Recognize the need for mentoring at different career stages.

Credit Hours

Success in this 0.5 credit hour course is based on the expectation that students will spend, for each unit of credit, a minimum of 7.5 hours over the length of the course in direct instruction as provided by the instructor and an additional 15 hours outside of class reading, reflecting, and evaluating the topics for a total of 22.5 hours.

Credit Criteria

Grading Scale: Badge/No Badge

Evaluation: 100% completion of badge criteria


Gergana (Gery) Markova, Ph.D.

Bio: Gery earned her Ph.D. in Human Resource Management for the University of Central Florida in 2006.
Research: Workplace deviance, employee well-being, and HR practices for small business.
Sample Publications: She has published research in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Journal of Social Psychology, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Management Research, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, International Journal of Business Research and Management, Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, and International Journal of Strategic Management.