Advanced MatLab

This badge course provides an understanding of Matlab tools for the simulation of dynamic systems, design of controllers and optimization of goals subject to constraints. Specific topics that will be covered include the Matlab tools for the following: ordinary differential equation, two-point boundary value problem, constrained non-linear optimization, curve-fitting, controllability and observability of linear systems, classical control techniques, linear quadratic regulator, simulink modeling, animation and file-based input-output. The course will provide an initial review of Matlab programming basics. 

The Advanced MatLab Badge course is designed for people who want to solve engineering problems using MatLab, specifically related to control, optimization and simulation of dynamic systems.


Course Objectives: 

By the end of the badge students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate ability to simulate the behavior of dynamic systems. 
  • Demonstrate ability to optimize an objective function subject to engineering constraints. 
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze the stability, controllability and observability of linear time-invariant systems.    
  • Demonstrate ability to design controller for multivariable linear systems.  
  • Demonstrate ability to create animations of a dynamic system.

*Students will need access to the MatLab software for this course.

Credit Hours
Success in this 0.5 credit hour course is based on the expectation that students will spend, for each unit of credit, a minimum of 7.5 hours over the length of the course in direct instruction as provided by the instructor and an additional 15 hours outside of class reading, reflecting, and evaluating the topics for a total of 22.5 hours.

Grading Scale: Badge/No Badge

Evaluation: 100% completion of badge criteria


Atri Dutta, Ph.D.

Atri Dutta is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Wichita State University. All his degrees are in Aerospace Engineering with the Ph.D. (2009) and Masters (2005) from Georgia Institute of Technology and the Bachelors (2002) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Prior to joining Wichita State, he was a Research Engineer at Georgia Tech (2009-11) and a Postdoctoral Research Associate (2011-13) at Princeton University. His research and teaching interests are in the areas of space dynamics, optimal control, mission analysis, and optimization.


CRN Course # Term
16824 AE 770BF Fall 2019